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Relationship counselling and trauma therapy
Reconnect to Authentic Self

Individual Counselling

Knowingly or Unknowingly, you may have experienced pain or trauma in the past and develop adaptive ways to live with it: self blaming, perfectionism, ignoring your own feelings or needs, difficulty to set or protect boundary, tantrum etc.


Without having any other options, you just act like automatic response in your relationship with others, especially with your partner. But deep inside of you, you feel dimly it's not your true self. These maladaptive ways become obstacle to enter into a relationship, leave a toxic relationship or enjoy your current relationships. At certain circumstances they develop into symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic or somatic pain etc.              

It's time for you to reconnect to your authentic self!

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
                                          Albert Camus

  What to expect

We will start where you are. Around the issues you want to work with, we could unfold it by discussing not only your current issues but also in the past; not only this issue itself, but also other important aspects of your life that reflect the similar pattern; not only about you and others there and then, but also about you and therapist here and now.


Our emotion is the access to the transformation and our body is where our emotional wounds are recorded. Therefore, sometimes the session could be emotion-focused. We might slow down to focus on our emotions, our body sense, to feel, to see, to accept all emotions triggered in the session and let them go. Sometimes it could be thoughtful, we reflect and understand the issues in different perspectives. Sometimes it could be cheerful for anything we found positive or any small progress we achieve. We are together to experience the whole process of transformation from a worse self to a better self.  


We will process the emotional and relational experiences that have been obstructing you for a long time, transform the feelings, body sensations and cognitions around the experiences. Then new emotional experiences and new insights can emerge and be reinforced. 

Some new skills will be learned to help the change process in the sessions and become options which you can take with outside the counselling.

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