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Couples counselling

Couples Counselling

Rebuild Authentic Connection

After the initial stage of falling love with your partner, the euphoria of love fades. 

You and your partner may have recurrent arguments stemming from unresolved conflicts, feelings of emotional distance or estrangement, or struggles related to financial disagreements, parenting styles, or in-law dynamics. You may feel stuck in patterns of poor communication, where misunderstandings persist and emotional needs remain unmet. Over time, you may feel disconnected, resentful, or lonely within the relationship. You want to get back the intimacy between you and your partner but no one had taught you how.

It's time to learn what intimate relationship can teach you about
authentic connection!

Intimacy is not something we have. Intimacy is something we do.
                                             Terry Real

What to expect

We will start from the goals you hope to achieve through counselling. You and your partner will talk about the realities of both sides. Some tools and roadmap will be introduced to help you both understand what you are experiencing. 

We will get to the root of behaviors patterns. You and your partner come to understand how your early relationships and experiences have created a template for your intimate relationships. Through experiential work together the feelings towards each other would be transformed.

You and your partner will practice different ways of interacting with each other that can look and feel different from before.


You will grow to listen to each other’s views with kindness and curiosity and understand the conflict between you and your partner as “a signal to learn and grow”.

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