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True Self and Wisdom: The Path to Freedom from Suffering

Updated: 3 days ago

How counselling can help you find true self
True Self



In the past years of self-healing, learning and healing for others, I gradually realized that the reason why we suffer is that we are disconnected from our true self and wisdom, and the root of healing lies in reconnecting with our true self and wisdom, which is the nature of all of us.

Those who can truly achieve true self and wisdom are already Buddhas. As mortals, we can awaken from suffering, stay aware, and remind ourselves to connect to the true self and wisdom, which is not easy. But this is possible for everyone, because we are born with the true and wise nature, while it is gradually obscured, blocked, and forgotten due to various historical, social, cultural, and family factors during the growth process. And suffering is a signal for us to wake up.

I also went through this process and may have awakened a little earlier. I am fortunate to be a psychological counsellor and have felt the pain of more people and the real experience after healing, and I have some experiences to share. So I want to share some of my experiences on this platform. If it can help more people awaken and embark on the road to truth and wisdom, it will be a great benefit. I have been on this road, still suffering, and still on the road.


What is True Self and Wisdom?

The true self is not what we feel with our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body, nor is it what we think, do, and conscious. These are real, but not the true self. The true self is the state we feel in our hearts: calm, connected, compassionate, clear, confident, brave, curious, and creative. The true self is something that is universal and essential to human beings. The true self is something that is innate. However, as we grow up, we are influenced by our family and society, various binary opposition concepts, one-sided admiration for rationality, and the pain inherited from generation to generation, which blocks our connection with our true self and also blocks our wisdom.

In counseling, I will help clients feel and understand the pain they feel through their eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, their minds, and their behaviors from the shallow to the deep. We will process and transform those feelings and understandings, thus connecting to the true self. And wisdom will naturally emerge in the true self after the pain is transformed.

Wisdom does not need to be profound. Being aware of the truth about oneself, others, and the world is wisdom. For example, one of my clients was bullied and always felt that she was not good enough. She was anxious and nervous and afraid of making mistakes. After transformation and connection with her true self with my help, she felt that she was good enough and there was no need to compare herself with others. She was perfect just the way she was. This is wisdom. Another client was furious when her partner did something that did not meet her expectations. After transformation and connection with her true self with my help, she could be aware of what happened inside her and adjust herself, no longer overreact. Such wisdom seems simple, but many people do not realize it and suffer for ten or twenty years or even a lifetime.

Author: Zhenhui Lin (Yoly Lin)

Registered Clinical Counsellor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

If you are also suffering, if you want to learn more about resolving suffering and connecting to true self and wisdom, you are welcome to subscribe my blog. And you are also welcome to share it with your friends.

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