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Authentic Connection
with yourself and your partner

Welcome! Congratulation on taking this brave step of the journey towards



If you:

     - are suffering from feeling anxious, depressed, panic or emotional breakdown

     - are trapped by repeated patterns in your relationships feeling painful and puzzled

     - are tired of the repeated argument or cold war and lose intimacy with your partner


Remember you are not the only one in the world suffering from these and you don't need to face all these situations alone! In counselling we can work together while going through these difficult time to connect with your true self to gain the confidence and strength, or rebuild authentic connection with your partner.

Counselling could be a life-changing process and a gift for yourself. I had the honor to witness the change and growth of my clients. I was impressed by their courage and resilience and I am happy to have been a scaffold in the down time of their lives. I would be happy here to be a safe harbor for you to heal and move forward.


Relationship Counselling
Individual Counselling

Embark on a transformative journey towards self-awareness, healing, and personal growth

Couples Counselling
Couples Counselling

Reignite connection, intimacy, love from you and me to us

About Yoly Lin

Yoly Lin is a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional located in British Columbia, Canada and specialized in emotion and relationship issues. After decade of self-healing, learning psychological counselling and helping others heal from different kinds of suffering, she realized that the reason of suffering is disconnection with true self and wisdom and the way to resolve suffering is to connect to true self and wisdom. She integrated cutting-edge, evidence-based approaches in western psychology and the wisdom of eastern philosophy, help her clients resolve suffering by reconnecting true self and wisdom.


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